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What we have to offer

Short Term Disability - Insurance that pays a percentage of your salary, from a few months to a few years. Short Term Disability pays when you get hurt or sick and cannot perform the duties of your job. You probably insure your house and car, why not insure your livelihood? Email us to see if your employer qualifies for Group Short term disability insurance. 


Please note that this type of insurance is very hard to get if your employer doesn’t offer it, but here at LBS we also have a direct option so you may still be able to get Disability Insurance if you are self employed or your company will not provide. Email us and we’ll get in touch to discuss your options.

Short Term Disability

Critical Illness - Cancer, Heart Attack, and Stroke are just a few life events covered by Critical Illness insurance plans. Unfortunately almost half of us will develop cancer in our lifetime. Critical Illness insurance can pay benefits directly to the insured (often in

a lump sum payment if applicable). That money can be used for out-of-pocket expenses associated with major medical, second opinions, travel expenses to see leading physicians, etc... Email us to see if your employer qualifies for Group Critical Illness coverage.

Critical Illness

Accident - Accidents are sometimes unavoidable and can be part of everyday life. Accidents are often partnered with expensive medical bills resulting in out-of-pocket costs. Accident insurance coverage can help cover these out-of-pocket expenses. Email us to see if your employer qualifies for group accident coverage.


Life Insurance - We get it, most people don’t want to sit down with a guy in a stuffy suit at their kitchen table to discuss Life Insurance. Our approach to Life Insurance is Employer based so we do most of our Life Insurance at your company. We work with employees as well as Key decision makers who are looking for Life insurance that helps their business grow or transition. We’ll be happy to show you individual Life Insurance plans as well, if you’d like, but we are more likely to invite you to our office where we can offer you a cup of coffee as well as access to dozen of top rated Life insurance carriers.

Life Insurance
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