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Employee Golden Handcuffs
Employee Golden Handcuffs

It costs you 60% of an employee's salary to REPLACE them; why wouldn't you invest less than $35 a month to RETAIN them?

Do your employees appreciate (or even know about) your current Life insurance program?

  • We give you the keys to a pair of Golden Handcuffs for each of your essential and valued employees.

  • Permanent Life Insurance that provides a death benefit AND cash value.




What is the difference between our current plan and The LBS Employee Golden Handcuffs Program?


  • Only pays a benefit if the employee dies when employed at your company. Company-paid "Group" life insurance is a term plan; the term is the length of employment.

  • In most cases, voluntary "buy-up" options follow the same length of term as "Group". 

  • Employees don't start or keep a job based on a traditional Life insurance plan.

LBS Employee Golden Handcuffs:

  • Plan will pay a benefit, as we all die at some point.

  • Permanent Life insurance will build a cash value.

    • The average cash value at age 65 of the lowest Tier plan is over $8,000.

  • Employees are incentivized to keep the plan until retirement, and the plan is portable at retirement.


Because the premium is considered additional compensation for the employee, you write it off as an ordinary and necessary business expense. This makes it tax-deductible to your business, giving you an immediate tax deduction on the money you pay in premiums today. At the same time, the premium is considered additional compensation to your employee. As a result, the employee pays income tax on the amount in the same year, just like they would on any other cash bonus payments they receive.


Our program is very affordable; our customers are paying an average of $34 a month per employee for our Tier1 program. Most of our clients invest in this program to make the most of employee engagement and retention benefits. However, some choose to make it 100% employee-paid.

Hidden Paycheck
Hidden Paycheck

Do your employees appreciate the amount of money you invest in their benefits?


The answer is most likely, NO. 


See below for an example of a benefit statement; we guarantee you will see better employee retention when you start sending these out every year.

XYZ Corp Hidden Paycheck-01.jpg
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